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Resumo da minha dissertação

O uso das Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação pelos professores de Matemática da Universidade Pedagógica de Moçambique -Delegação de Nampula

This dissertation aims to present a research undertook within the Master of Education in Science and Mathematics at the Federal University of Goiás. The research was based on the fact that currently social and cultural changes are witnessed as a result of the possibilities arising from Information and Communication Technology (ICT), particularly within the education system. Given the presence of this language among the students, if the teachers do not incorporate it into their practices they may be denying the dialogue with those who are the reasons for the existence of all educational systems. Therefore, authors such as Moran (1993), Moran, Masetto and Behrens (2000), Kenski (2003, 1996) and Toschi (2005), amongst others, reflect about changes experienced from both students and educators during the teaching and learning processes as a result of impacts of those means. Because the TICS establish strong relationship with the Mathematics, Mathematics teachers should build coherent practices involving the use of ICTs. Inspired by a qualitative approach, the survey was built on case study methodology, using a questionnaire and interview. The study subjects were Mathematics teachers, trainers of Mathematics teachers from Universidade Pedagogica-Mozambique, delegation of Nampula, and the aim was to assess how those actors use the ICTs during their classes. The survey found a lack of clarity of trainers in their conception of ICT, lack of use of software and / or programs that could assist in their professional activities, as well as the inability to exploit the potential that ICTs offer to them. However, participants of the survey believe that the use of technology in training courses can bring about changes in their training and teaching practices of future teachers. Moreover, they show interest in learning how to use ICT.

Keywords: ICTs and Education; training of mathematics teachers, teacher’s trainers.

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